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Saturday, 20 November 2010 10:07

Basically, cellular phone triangulation has particular function like collecting data and tracing the estimated location of the cellular phone mentioned. It is not everyone can do easily. It will be impossible for normal citizens to do this function without asking the company to help them and of course it is not without a charge. The company has certain technology to track the strength of the signal from the cellular phone towers which receives signal.

After gathering the whole information by making use the technology, the company gets information in the form of coordinates which is useful to pinpoint your current position within 25-100 meters of said cellular phone. Well, to be more comprehensive, here are several things you should know to how to triangulate a cellular phone.

The method is started by turning on your cell phone. It is important because an active and live cell phone is in continual relay with the surrounding environment of the cell phone towers to make sure the optimum signal. Then, take a note the location of the signal tower that receiving the strongest signal by drawing the coverage radius. This way, you already have one point with a circle and know that the phone’s location is somewhere within the circled area.

Afterward, add the second cellular phone tower’s radius as well as location receiving a signal from the phone you have. When you see the overlapping between these two spheres, this specifies the options your phone is located to two points. Lastly, you should locate the signal strength of a third tower receiving signal from your cell phone with the previous two. When you get the point where the three orbits intersect, here it is the exact location of the cell phone.

Although this particular technology has saved lives, there is one thing that kept this topic became significant privacy issue in US court system. As you know that there are such technologies like GPS and AccuTracking which is useful to track down the costs of your cell phone. Moreover, Mologogo is another service where you can sign up your GPS-enabled cell phones to keep tracking it, this service is particularly free. In fact, cell phone companies like, Verizon’s Chaperone is already offering the same services so you can track your phones.

Indeed, if you still need to learn further about cellular phone triangulation that comes with illustration, you can find it easily throughout the cyberspace.



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Como lo descargo
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I would like some sources as to where I can obtain the technology to triangulate a cell phone location. I have searched cyberspace with no results.

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